My LA Marathon

In mid February, a month before what I intended to be my first marathon, I strained a muscle which sidelined me for what I expected to be two weeks. I thought this wouldn’t be a problem, I’d rest and then get in two short tune up runs then run all 26.2 miles of the LA Marathon. I had to do it; I had been training for months and I was running in honor of my friend the late Dr. Lisa Kelly who helped get me started on running.

The muscle strain was in my abdomen which put pressure on the muscles in my left hip making it very painful to walk or run. Two weeks turned to three and then four. I spoke with runners, I consulted professional help and I rested but I didn’t run. A week before the race I was finally able to walk without pain so I decided that I was going to go to the starting line and just go as far as I could just to get a piece of the marathon experience.

I made it to the starting line and got in the runners corral. I was planning on taking it very slowly. I normally run at about a 9 min per mile pace but I put myself way in the back so I could just go at my own pace. The race started and I was running for the first time in a month and it didn’t hurt.Despite the fact that I felt great I kept it slow, at about an 11:30 per mile pace for the first three miles. There would be plenty of miles ahead of me to speed up. Shortly after passing the mile three marker I ditched my sweatshirt. The weather was clear and I was feeling good…and then I started to hurt. 

Halfway between miles three and four my left hip began to hurt, since I was approaching a hill I decided to walk for a few minutes, when I picked up the pace it hurt even worse. I kept going because I’m stubborn and despite the pain I was having fun. There was music and cheering on the sidelines, I had one of my favorite podcasts playing on my iPod. Let me go just a little further and see if it get’s better.

The pain didn’t get better. Shortly after crossing mile 4 I felt like my left leg was being pulled from my body. Knowing that the medical carts that could take me to the finish wouldn’t be available until mile 7 I decided to keep pushing, at mile 7 I could stop.

When I got to mile 7 I couldn’t see a cart so I kept running, slowly but I kept going. At mile 8 I thought about my wife who was waiting for me at mile 12 with a friend of ours. If I made it to mile 12 I could just step of of the course and we could all walk home together. I kept going, at this point I could manage the pain as long as I ran perfectly straight but if I had to move to the side or come to a sudden stop it was agony. Miles 8 through 12 were a chore but there at mile 12 was my wife and our friend Lisa. I saw them, but I didn’t veer off of the course, I spoke to my wife as she jogged beside me and said: “I’m hurt, but I’m not stopping”.

I crossed the halfway point and then I saw some more friends at mile 15. By this point I was moving really slowly but I was still moving. Finally at mile 16 I stopped to go to the bathroom. I took out my phone and texted my wife to say. I’m hurting but I’m going to go for the finish line. It was only 10 more miles. For the next three miles I alternated running three minutes and then walking three minutes but as I crossed mile 19 I hurt too much to even jog. There were seven miles to go and I was going to make it.

(Mile 23)

I texted my wife again to tell her I could no longer run. My wife was waiting for me at mile 26 with the friend who had been at mile 12 but she began walking up the course to find me. Along the way she met up with another friend and together the two of them met me at mile 22. For the last four miles I limped my way to the finish line with my wife and friend on the sidewalk talking to me and encouraging me. At mile 25 we met our our other friend and I kept walking. At mile 26 I could finally see the finish line. The course was closed off to non participants at this point but I could still see my wife and my friends on the sideline. With the finish line in sight I slowly and painfully jogged over the finish line. I finished the LA Marathon. It took me much longer than I anticipated but I finished.

(Me, just about to cross the finish line)

Today, I am in some serious pain. I have some work to do in the upcoming months. In order to prevent this injury in the future I need to increase my strength. My cardio and endurance are fine but I need to build more muscle in order to run the whole thing next time. I’m not sure when that next time will be though. For today I’m just glad to have crossed the finish line once.

(Me and my wife, post race)

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